Welcome to the 4th Grade English Wiki Page!

This Wiki is designed to enable the students in My Fourth Grade English classes to share their various writing projects on individual Wiki pages throughout the entire school year.

The students have been learning about various topics this year which include the following:

Description-tells what something looks like, how it sounds, how it feels, how it smells, how it tastes, or what it does

Personal Voice- your own way of expressing yourself

Figurative Language- compares two different things

Simile -compares two different things using the words like or as

Metaphor- when one thing is said to be another

Imagery- using vivid language to help readers form a mental picture

Our first project was to write five similies pertaining to the topic of Halloween. The students must include the following in each simile: description, personal voice, and imagery.
Learning projectexternal image dolphin.jpg
Dolphins have been interacting with humans for as long as we known.
It is estimated there between 30 to 40 species of dolphins.
As all mammels, dolphins nurse their young from mammary glands.
Dolphins can swim up to 260 miles.
However they are mainly shallow divers as they need to reach the surface to breathe.
Dolphins sleep about 8 hour’s day in this fashion.
Bottlenose dolphins eat several kinds of fish.
Most dolphins live in the ocean.
Dolphins have to be conscious to breath.
Ocean water is too salty for them to drink.
By. Kirsten Hiles