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My first writing project was to write five similes pertaining to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two different things using like or as. Here are some I wrote.
The mean ghost is as white as a skeleton.

The tall ghost is as skinny as a stick.

The skinny ghost is as tall as a giraffe.

The fat ghost is as mean as a black cat.

The white ghost is as clear as glass.


Learning Project- The Solar SystemThe_solar_system.jpg

The sun keeps the planets in order.
About 4.6 billion years ago the solar system formed.
Pluto has a moon named Charon.
There is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Jupiter has the most moons (32).


The planets should be ordered from biggest to smallest.
I think that there should be only one moon per planet.
The solar system is amazing!
You should be able to see all the planets from planet Earth.

There should be two suns in our solar system.

Learning project -Jupiter

external image jupiter.jpg


Unlike Saturn’s, Jupiter’s rings are dark and don’t contain ice.

Jupiter’s mass is 318 times Earth’s mass.

Astronomers call Jupiter a failed star.

Jupiter has about ten hours a day.

More than 1,400 Earths could fit inside Jupiter.

Jupiter’s red spot extends more than three times Earth’s diameter.

Jupiter’s core is 25,000k.

The atmosphere is made up of mainly hydrogen and helium.

The planet was named after the roman king of gods.

The red spot on Jupiter has been there for almost 350 years.


external image toucan.gif

Did you know that toucans live in flocks of six?

The toucan is a medium sized Bird.

Go buy a toucan people keep them as pets.

All toucans are omnivores.

Toucans’ beaks are solid hard

Toucans can live up to twenty years.

There are thirty-seven species of toucans.

Toucans like to eat insects.

The toucan’s beak is 7.5 inches long.

Go to South America and see some toucans.