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My first writing project was to write five similes pertaining to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two different things using like or as. Here are some that I wrote.

The scary haunted house was as scary as a dark graveyard.

The haunted house was as old as a dark graveyard clear back from 1901.

This frightful haunted house is as big as a dark rain cloud.

The haunted house was like a pitch black night sky.

The mean man was as scary as a big black wolf.


Learning Project- Mount Everest


It is the tallest mountain.
This mountain is 29, 0358, 8805 feet tall.
The climbers climb to the peak of the mountain.
Caliph boy 13 aims to be the youngest to reach the peak.
The first person Edmund Hillary was the first to climb the mountain.


I think mountains are cool.
It would be cool to see the mountain.
I think it would be neat to shake the person’s hand who climbed first to the top.
I think it would be neat to watch the sun set over the mountain.
Mount Everest is very interesting.

Progect Learning-New York City

New York City Skyline with Empire State Building at Dusk
New York City Skyline with Empire State Building at Dusk

New York has the highest tours for the past three years.

There are 350 hotels in New York City.

New York City is the populous in the U.S.

New York City grew importance as trading.

The public school system is managed by the New York City department.

The mayor is Michael Bloomberg.

New York City metropolitan are home to the Jewish community.

New York City is located on the eastern Atlantic coast.

New York City was briefly 1790-90 the U.S capital.

New York was the largest city by 1790.

progect learning-swimming
external image Olympic+swimming+pool.jpg
The first goggles were made in the 1930s.
One hunderded is four lanks of a swimming pool.
A swimmer can improve on there flip turn, start and finish.
A swimmer can burn up to six hunderded fifty calors.
I quailfied in the fifty backstroke,butterfly and the one hunderded free.
The YMCA colors are blue and yellow.
The backstroke became an Olympic swim in the1900.
A swimmer must finish with two hands in the butterfly and breaststroke.
Benjermen Franklin invented the fins and a phone.
The youngest worlds recored holdered is mens 200 butterfly with a 1.54.92.