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My first writing project was to write five similes pertaining to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two different things using like or as. Here are some that I wrote.
The ghostly spirit’s scream was as scary as the boogie monster.

The haunted ghost flew away like a very scared child.

The clear ghost was as scary as a haunted house.

The ghoulish ghost threw the mirror like a rock.

The transparent ghost screamed like a person rubbing their nails on a chalk board.


Learning project-Polar Bear



Polar bears have fur on their paws.
These are the most carnivorous bear species.
They can be found in the Arctic, USA (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Denmark (Greenland) and Norway.
Eskimos call them (nanook) and credit them with great powers.
The polar bear or the sea ice bear are the largest land predators.


I like polar bears.
Polar bears are awesome.
I think polar bears rock!
I think polar bears are cute!

We should learn more about polar bears.

Learning project:


external image french_mastiff.jpg

There are many different varieties of this breed, including the Bull, English, Neapolitan, French and Tibetan.

By far the English version is the largest of this breed, sometimes weighing over 200 pounds.

All varieties are large breeds that may weigh between 120-200 pounds will be shorthaired in colors ranging from brown, red, brindle and black.

The muzzle will almost always be short, wide and black in color, framed with short, floppy ears and a long thin tail.

Other names for the English Mastiff are mastiff and Old English Mastiff.

English Mastiff’s come from England.

English Mastiff’s are colors of apricot-fawn, silver-fawn, fawn, or dark fawn-brindle.

Though mastiffs are calm and affectionate to its master, they are capable of protection.

With a massive body, broad skull and head of generally square appearance, it is one of the largest dog breeds in terms of mass.

Excessive running is not recommended for the first two years of the mastiff dog’s life.

learning project:3


external image flamingoes.jpg


The flamingo has such a distinctive appearance, that in any given local it is likely to be the only tall pink bird.

Flamingos have long, sinuous neck, slender legs, and black-tipped bills that achieve a downward bend upon maturity.

Wow, flamingos have the wing span of about 60 inches!

Wow flamingos weigh an average of 8.75 lbs!

Did you know flamingos are found in warm, shallow, watery regions on many continents?

Did you know genetic studies since 2004 have indentified a major clade of birds, which has been named the Metaves?

The flamingo’s feet are webbed.

The flamingo’s feathers are pink.

Flamingos nests are a cone of mud.
The mates take turns incubating one or two eggs.
By:Hannah Bossinger.