Welcome to My Fourth Grade English Wiki page

My frist writing was to write five similes pertaning to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two different things using like or as. here are some I wrote.

The tombstone was bumpy like a rock.

The tombstone was as hard as a rock.

The tombstone is creepy like a witch.

The tombstone is big as a bear.

The tombstone was small like a baby.

Learning Project- football



The dolphins began their season with Trent green as there staring quarterback.
In 2005 and 2006 the dolphins wore white pants with white jerseys.
The dolphins wore their white jerseys at home day games.
The Dolphin’s team was founded by Joe Robbie and began to play in the American football league.
The Dolphin’s team made their first super bowl in 1971.


I like the Dolphins football team.
Football is the coolest sport ever.
Football is hard to play and rough.
Football is hard to play.
Football is a cool sport.

Learning Project- Black Bears

external image black-bear-returning.jpg


Black bears can run up to thirty-five miles per hour.

Bears eat nuts and berries.

Black bears can live up to twenty-five years in the wild.

Bears are intelligent and curious.

Weight of an average bear is one hundred twenty five to six hundred.

Bears are good swimmers.

Bears can go up to seven months with out food.

Bears can give birth to two or three cubs.

A black bear has no hump on their back like a grizzly bear.

Bears can attack you if are close to their cubs.

learning project-crocodiles
external image 30076.jpg

All crocodiles eat meat, and other animal’s eggs.

Crocodiles are brown, and they are green.

Crocodiles are reptiles, and snakes are too.

Every crocodile is visas, and they are dangerous.

Crocodiles are deadly, and they will eat you.

Crocodiles live in swaps, and certain oceans.

A crocodiles habitat are swaps, and in ponds.

Crocodiles are reptiles, and they lay eggs.

A crocodile’s cousin is alligators, and lizards.

Crocodiles eat buffalo, and cattle.