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My first writing project was to write five similes pertaining to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two differents things using like or as. Here are some of the examples I have written.
The pumpkin is big as a mansion.

The soggy pumpkin is wet like an ocean.

The rotten pumpkin is gooey as a piece of gum.

The orange pumpkin is stiff it looks
like a statue.

The green pumpkin was green like a watermelon


Learning Project-Dirt BikesFacts

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From 1967 to 1977, Suzuki perfected its large motorcycles with the air-cooled 492 cc 2-stroke.
Suzuki also makes jet skis.
The Suzuki Motor Corporation was founded 1900 by Michio Suzuki.
Suzuki on-and off road motorcycles are manufactured by the Suzuki motor corporation.
A 47- horsepower t500, also known as the Titan can jump.


Suzuki makes two of the best dirt bikes.
Racing dirt bikes is fun.
Ktm is a good brand.
Honda is a good sponsor
Ktm makes good dirt bikes.

Yamaha Banshee
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Nearly every youth ATV sold in the US is made in Taiwan or China regardless of brand name.

The two largest ATV battery manufacturers, Yuasa and Deka, have their main United States facilities only 20 miles apart in Pennsylvania.

Engine size on ATV's has little to do with trail damage.

Honda made the first three wheeled ATV’s in 1970’s which were famous for portraying in the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever.

In Israel, ATV's are referred to as ’’Polaris’’ similarly to how people in the United States call all types of lip blonde chap stick and all types of cotton swabs Q-Tips.

Six off road vehicles were first made available in the early 1960’s.

Originally brake lights were not required on ATV’s.
Learning Project 3

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Did you know that during the mid 1990’s Rosebud developed reserves located in other areas of Armstrong, Cambria ,and Indiana counties throughout the year’s?

Did you know Logansport mine and Little Toby mine Beaver County PA was purchased in 2003?

Did you know that Logansport Preparation Plant was completed and started operation in September of 2004?

Did you know that during June 2005, rosebud mining company purchased the Tusk mine in Tuscarawas county Ohio and continued operation at the mine?

Did you know the present owner and president of Rosebud mining company .J. Clifford Forrest, feels that the company’s employees are Rosebud’s greatest resource?

Did you know all employees, whether working underground, maintenance, plant, or supervisory, each has contributed to the company’s successful growth since 1979?

Did you know the rosebud mining coal sales team has the tools and experience necessary to handle all your coal and brokerage needs?

Did you know on April 1, 2010 Rosebud purchased most of the assets of buckeye industrial mining company in Eastern Ohio the purchase included five small surface mines, a deep mine renamed Bergholz #7 in Jefferson county, and the preparation plant?

Did you know shipping methods include truck and railroad load out from our cleaning plant facilities?

Did you know coal brokerage services help us to meet you quanty and quality needs?