Welcom to My English Wiki Page

My first writing project was to write five Similes pertaining to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two different things using like or as. Here are some that I wrote
The pumpkin is as round as a candy apple.

The bumpy pumpkin is as bumpy as a back road.

The pumpkin has a stem like a brown tree trunk.

The pumpkin has so many seeds like a honey dew melon.

The orange pumpkin is as round as a basketball.


Learning Project-Titanic  

An iceberg is a huge piece of ice that has broken away from a glacier.
Originally the Titanic only includes funnel smoke stacks.
In 1999 Captain Edward John Smith was elected to be captain of the Titanic.
Captain Edward John Smith was born in Stoke Stafford Shire England.
The people that rode on the Titanic were wealthy and rich.


The Titanic has a lot of rooms like the white house.
The Titanic is huge.
The Titanic looks cool.
The Titanic is a huge pirate ship.
The Titanic is as big as a whale.