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My first writing project was to write five similes pertaining to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two different things using like or as. Here are some that I wrote.

The creepy haunted house was as stinky as rotten eggs.

The scary haunted house was as scary as a big black graveyard.

The noisy haunted house was as noisy as a goblin scream.

The black haunted house was as black as the night sky.

A haunted house was as old as a mummy.


Learning Project-Kiwi birds



A kiwi bird is native to New zealand.
They belong to the family Apterygidae and genius Apteryx.
Most Kiwi birds are grayish brown in color.
They are known as the greatspotted kiwi.
Learning project Kingda Ka

external image 080919-KingdaKa-vmed-750a.rp350x350.jpg


The Kingda Ka opened in spring 2005.

The Kingda Ka is a hydraulic launch coaster

The height of the coaster is 456 feet.

The rollercoaster travels at 128 mph.

The rollercoaster has four trains to ride in.

Eighteen people can ride the rollercoaster at once.

The length of the track is 3,118 feet long.

Riders are on the rollercoaster for 50.6 seconds.

The Kingda ka has 1,400 riders per hour

The horsepower of the rollercoaster is 7,400 hp
external image greek-philosopher-african-tribe-1.jpg
The history of Greece can be traced back to stone age hunters and later came early farmers and the civilizations of the Minoan and Mycenaean kings.

This was followed by a period of wars and invasions known as The Dark ages but in about 1100 b.c a people called The Dorians invaded from the north and spread down the west coast.

There were only a few Historians in the time of Ancient Greece and three major ancient Historians
were able to record there time of Ancient Greece history that include Herodotus known as the father of history who traveled to many ancient historic sites at the time Thucydides and Xenophon.

The Greek bronze age or the early Helladic era started
Around 2800 bc and lasted till 1050 bc in crete while in the Aegean islands it started in 3000 bc but the bronze age in Greece is divided into periods such as Helladic.

Bronze age civilization settling on the island of crete and it was named after the legendary king of Minos.

The informatin that is available today on yhe bronze age is from the architecture burial.

Greece money was called Drachma.

Battle of marathon Athians Defeat Darius and his persian army.

Greece cliamate was hot so they stayed outside alot.

The wars between persian and greece took place in the early part of the fifth century of bc.