Welcome to My Fourth Grade English Wiki Page

My first writing project was to write five similes pertaining to the topic of Halloween. A simile compares two different things using like or as. Here are some that I wrote.

The grave yard is as quiet as a mouse.

The tombstone is as scary as a spider.

Some grave stones are spooky like skeletons.

The spooky grave yard looks like a scary dead old lady.

The tomb stone is as freaky as a dead person.


Learning Project-Penguins

Facts:Many penguins can be endangered by water pollution, oil spills, and over harvesting. Many penguins swim fifteen miles per hour. Many penguins’ body’s insulated with a thick layer of blubber that keeps them warm. Most penguins can control blood through fat. Many penguins have more feathers per square inch that keeps them warm in frigid waters. Opinions:Penguins are as cute as a teddy bear. Many penguins should be pets. Most Penguins should live in PA. Penguins are awesome. Many people should make movies about penguins.

Learning Project-Reese's

external image reeses-bigcup-lg.jpg


Harry Burnett Reese invented the “Reese’s Peanut Butter cup.”

Reese’s peanut butter cup were invented in 1923.

Reese’s peanut butter cup came immensely popular in 1963.

Reese’s peanut butter cup are milk chocolate candy cups filled with creamy peanut butter.

Reese’s today are distributed by “Hershey Food Corporation.

Over the years, Hershey has developed several variations on the Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Hershey has created white chocolate and dark chocolate versions of the peanut butter cup.

Hershey has also created the “Inside Out Reese” and the larger sized “Big Cup”.

The classic milk chocolate in the Reese’s peanut butter cup contains 210 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Also the white chocolate version has the same fat contact but checks in slightly higher with 220 calories.

Learning Project Three- Barack Obama

external image barack-obama-family-people-magazine-2008-august.jpg

In foreign policy, Obama gradually with drew combat troops from Iraq and increased troop levels in Afghanistan.

Obama signed an arms control treaty with Russia, in October 2009 and Obama was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Obama Sr. remarried and returned to Kenya, visiting Barack in Hawaii only once in 1971, and he died in an automobile accident in 1982.

In mid- 1988, he traveled for the first in Europe for three weeks and then for five weeks in Kenya, where he met many of his paternal relatives for the first time, and he returned to his father’s birth place in 2006.

After graduating, he was hired in Chicago as a director at Developing Communities Project a church based on community organization while comprising 8 Catholic parishes in Greater Roseland on Chicago’s far South side, and he worked there as a community organizer since June 1985-May 1988.

In December 2006, President Bush signed into law to the Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion act, and marking the first federal legislation to be enacted with Obama as its primary sponsor.

Obama held assignments on the Senate committees for Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works and Veterans’ Affair through December 2006, and in January 2007 he left the Environment
And the Public Works committees and took additional assignments with heath.

On February 10, 2007, Obama announced his candidacy for president of the United States in front of the Old State Capital building in Springfield, Illinois, the choice of the announcement site was viewed as symbolic because it was also where Abraham Lincoln delivered his historic “House Divided” speech in 1858, and Obama emphasized the issues of rapidly ending the Iraq war.

The first bill signed in law by Obama, he was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, and relaxing the statute of limitations for equal-pay lawsuits.

On April 20,2010 an explosion destroyed an offshore drilling rig at the Macon do Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico, causing a major sustained oil leak, and the well’s operator, BP, initiated a containment and cleanup plan.